Scientific Method and Conclusion. B.a Hypothesis

Topics: Scientific method, Observation, Biology Pages: 4 (697 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Biology Quiz #1

Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

__C__1.Science differs from other disciplines, such as history and the arts, because science relies on a.|facts. |
b.|testing explanations.|

_B___2.The work of scientists usually begins with
a.|testing a hypothesis.|
b.|careful observations.|
c.|creating experiments.|
d.|drawing conclusions.|

__D__3.Information gathered from observing a plant grow 3 cm over a two-week period is called a.|inferences.|
d.|data. |

__B__4.Based on your observations, you predict that the presence of water could accelerate the growth of bread mold. This is a.|a conclusion.|
b.|a hypothesis. |
c.|an experiment.|
d.|an analysis.|

__B__5.Suppose that a scientist proposes a hypothesis about how a newly discovered virus affects humans. Other virus researchers would likely a.|reject the hypothesis right away.|
b.|change the hypothesis to fit their own findings.|
c.|design new experiments to test the proposed hypothesis. | d.|assume that the hypothesis is true for all viruses.|

__C__6.Suppose that a scientific idea is true, well-tested and is made from predictions in numerous new situations, but cannot explain one particular event. This idea is a a.|hypothesis that is incorrect.|

b.|hypothesis that must be retested.|
c.|theory that may need revision|
d.|none of the above|

__C__7.Which of the following is a question that can be answered by science? a.|What is beauty?|
b.|Is it ethical to do experiments on animals?|
c.|How does DNA influence a person’s health? |
d.|Do people watch too much television?|

__A__8.A personal preference or point of view is

__C__9.Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of all living things? a.|growth and development|
b.|ability to move|
c.|response to the environment |
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