Science Btec M20

Topics: Cell biology, Bacteria, DNA Pages: 2 (267 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Unit 2
Justifying the key features in a specialist and not specialist lab

Lamina Flow
Laminar air-flow systems have been used by biological industries to control contamination by dust and other microorganisms which can affect the reliability of precision parts. Laminar flow units consist of ultrahigh-efficiency filters which are surrounded by a cabinet or a hood. The air stream which travels at extremely high speeds, moves in parallel patterns so that the cleanliness of the air is independent of activities happening down or cross-stream. Laminar flow cabinets have been used a lot in laboratories to deliver an environment free from microorganisms, and therefore providing accurate and consistent results.

Vortex Mixer
Vortex mixers can be used in laboratories to mix small vials of liquid. They are useful because most of them have variable speed settings and can be set to run continuously. This makes them efficient in terms of time. Vortex mixers are quite common in bioscience laboratories as well as in cell culture and microbiology laboratories, as they can be used to suspend cells.

In biology, an incubator is a device used to grow and maintain microbiological cultures or cell cultures. The incubator maintains optimal temperature, humidity and other conditions such as the carbon dioxide and oxygen content of the atmosphere inside. Incubators are essential for a lot of experimental work in cell biology, microbiology and molecular biology and are used to culture both bacterial as well as eukaryotic cells.

Coliform water bath

Colony counters


Waring blender



Sterilizing ovens

Water baths

Media dispensers

PH meters

Water stills

Drying ovens
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