Science and Technology in the 1950's Us

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Science & Technology in The 1950s
Easier Business Dealings
Ever since the credit card was invented, the transactions were much easier compared to the pass as a swipe of the card would settle up the large payment instead of bringing large amount of cash which would have risk of getting rob. A credit card is a small plastic card which will be issued to the users as a system of payment in transactions. In 1950, the concept of using the same card for various payments was found out by Ralph Schneider and Frank X. McNamara, founders of Diners Club. How does it actually work? The issuer of the card will offers a line of credit to the consumer and allowing them to borrow money to pay up a merchant or known as a cash advance to the user. Besides, the Barcode system was invented right after 2 years. And yet we are still using the system until now as no other easier method would be suitable to replace its conveniency. The barcode system is an optical machine readable representation of data. In the early ages of barcodes, it was only represented in the form of parallel lines which have different length of gaps between it. In the progress, patterns of squares, dots, hexagons and other geometric patterns within images termed 2 dimensional matrix codes or symbologies were created. The awesome people who invented it was Norman Joseph Woodland and got himself a patent in October 1952. First Ever Digital Computer Is Invented

Computers have become one of our necessities in our daily life which makes it so hard to imagine a time when they did not really exist. And the birth of first computer occurred in 1950. It was the Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator or ENIAC. It was made out of 18,000 vacuum tubes which made it to consume about 180,000 watts of electrical power. However, it was only capable to give function such as multiplying numbers rapidly. Due to rapid growth in population, Census Bureau of United States decided to have a machine to tabulate the data, hence,...
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