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BARCODES have a different way of encoding numbers and letters by using a combination of bars and spaces of varying widths. Think of BARCODES as another way of writing since BARCODES replace keying data. In business, the correct use of BARCODES can reduce inefficiencies and improve company’s productivities. BARCODES are a fast, easy and an accurate way of entering data.

A BARCODE doesn’t contain descriptive data. A BARCODE typically has ID data encoded in it, and data is used by a computer to look up all specific information associated with the data.



This is the symbol used on items destined for retail check-out line. UPC BARCODE Symbols are fixed length, are mandatory in the retail and food industry. UPC BARCODE Symbols were developed to meet the needs of grocery retailing as it fits 12 digits into a reasonably compact space.

To get a manufacture’s number assigned for UPC BARCODE, call Uniform Code Council at             937-435-3870      . For most other BARCODE specifications, call AIM USA at             412-963-8588      . CODE 39 / CODE 3 of 9 BAR CODE


was developed because some industries needed to encode the alphabet as well as numbers into a BARCODE, CODE 39 BARCODE is by far the most popular BARCODE SYMBOLOGY of choice. CODE 30 / CODE 3 of 9 BARCODE is typically used for ID, inventory, and tracking purposes in various industries such as manufacturing. However, CODE 39 BARCODE produces relatively long BARCODES and may not be suitable if label length is a consideration.


CODE 128 BARCODE came about when the need for a wider selection of characters arose than CODE 39 BARCODE could provide. When label length is a consideration, CODE 128 is a good alternative because it’s very compact and results in a dense symbol. CODE 128 BARCODE SYMBOLOGY is often used in the shipping industry where label size is an issue.


INTERLEAVED 2 OF 5 BARCODE is another popular BARCODE SYMBOLOGY in the shipping industry, INTERLEAVED 2 OF 5 BARCODE is widely used by the warehousing industry, too. INTERLEAVED 2 OF 5 BARCODE is also a very compact BARCODE SYMBOLOGY and you’ll see them on the corrugated boxes in which things are shipped to the grocery store.


Unique to the United States Postal Service, POSTNET BARCODE encodes for processing mail for speedy delivery or bulk mailing.


PDF 417 is known as a 2D (two-dimensional) BARCODE, this is a high-density, non-linear BARCODE SYMBOLOGY that reminds you of a crossword puzzle. But the difference between PDF417 2D BARCODES and the other BARCODES listed above is that PDF417 2D BARCODE is really a portable data file (PDF) as opposed to simply being a reference number. Some states require a PDF417 2D BARCODE be printed on your driver’s license. It is interesting to know that there’s room enough in PDF417 2D BARCODE to encode your name, photo and summary of your driving record, and other pertinent information. As a matter of fact, a PDF417 BARCODE can encode the Gettysbury Address in a space the size of a postage stamp! An important fact to remember is that the larger the width of the bars and spaces, the more space it takes to print the BARCODE; therefore, the lower the bar cod density. The thinner the bars and spaces, the less space is required and the higher the BARCODE density.


A basic BARCODE SCANNER consists of a BARCODE SCANNER, a BARCODE DECODER, and a CABLE that interfaces between BARCODE DECODER to the computer or terminal. A BARCODE SCANNER’S function is to scan the BARCODE symbol and provide an electrical output to the computer that corresponds to the bars and spaces of the BARCODE. However, it’s the decoder that recognizes the BARCODE SYMBOLOGY, analyzes the content of the BARCODE...
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