Science and Its Blessing

Topics: Medicine, Human, Disease Pages: 2 (416 words) Published: December 30, 2012
Science and Its Blessing
We live in the age of science. Science has provided means of communication. It has advanced agriculture.
And introduced new concept in industrialization. We owe a lot to science has led to many inventions have revolution human life. The progress of science has led to many inventions such as those of those of team engine, electricity, etc.

Electricity had brought wonders in our daily life. Big mills, manufacturing different goods are established with the help of science. We get cloth, iron goods, sugar, jute-bags, etc. from these mills. Steamers, railways, motor-cars and aeroplanes have made travelling easy and speedy. They have made the trade flung far and wide.

The inventions of telephone, radio and wireless have made this wide world very small. With their help you can hear a message from any part of the world within a very short time. Photography, television, gramophone, etc. have proved instructive as well as entertaining.

Science had made our life easy and comfortable. We have best means of transport and communications. We have cars, buses, motor-cycles, aeroplanes, ships, etc. for travelling.
Medical science has made rapid change in our life. The curing of different diseases have been successfully checked. Inventions of X-ray, radium, etc, have helped us a lot in diagnosing and curing various diseases. Wonders of Science BK:DOGER PG:66 This is the age of science. Science has changed the entire world. It is not the same in which our ancestors lived. If they were to return to the earth, they would not recognise it. Science has made our life more comfortable, beautiful and trouble-free. The blessings of science are too many to count. Science has conquered time and distance. Very fast means of communication and transport have made the world smaller. Telephone, radio, television, aeroplane, computers etc. are some of these. Electricity is another...
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