Schopenhauer-Metaphysics of Love and Sexes

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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In Schopenhauer’s view, whose will is at work when two people fall in love? What reasons does Schopenhauer give for this view? In Schopenhauer’s view it is the will of the unborn baby which is at work when two people fall in love. The baby’s will is born when two lovers meet. The real aim of love’s romance, although the persons concerned are unconscious of the fact, is that a particular being may come into the world. Romantic love is nature’s way of selected breeding.. It makes you think, that you need the person to make you happy when all it is the baby’s will to be born. Thus, when two people are in love, they think they want sex, because they connect sex to love, but it is actually the baby that makes us think so. Thus, sex is for procreation but we think we want it because it makes us happy. When we choose our lovers, we choose someone who compliments us, someone who has qualities that we lack.(symposium) In this case as well, it is the baby looking for the best traits. We are attracted to body parts and traits that the baby wants. Thus, it is ultimately the baby that makes us choose our partner. For example, men like women with big hips but it actually because they can carry their baby. Thus, we do everything that the baby makes us do. Even when some people don’t want kids, still have kids because it is the baby’s will to be born. For example, when a woman is pregnant she needs the father of the baby more than he needs her even though before the pregnancy he wanted her more. This is because it is the baby who wants the father to be around when it is born. The mother acts unpredictable and this confuses the father and makes him stay. But it is the baby that makes her this way. But if the father continues to love the mother even after the mood swings stop, then it means the mother is doing a good job. However, when we follow our own will we don’t need sex as we are happy without it. For example, when a couple doesn’t want a baby, it is not romantic love,...
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