Schoolyard Roughhousing

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Schoolyard Rough Housing

As you will know, the first noughts have recently been allowed into secondary schools across the country. Though only the cream of the crop actually passed the entrance exams, noughts getting the rights they deserve has come under heavy criticism, and that was shown yesterday in the awful events which took place at Heathcrof t school. Though a large number of police officers were called to the school to hold back the rioting Cross students, the noughts entering the school with the uniformed entourage still came under mass verbal assault. Despite the preparations, the police were soon overwhelmed by the furious, ignorant Crosses who broke the barriers to protect the noughts and seriously injured one of the four.

They continued to chant the phrase ‘No blankers in our school!’ rhythmically, a large proportion of the school’s pupils, all mocking and sneering at the nought arrivals. The school’s headmaster was not available for comment, however he exited the school during the riots as the noughts entered, and could be seen doing nothing to discipline his pupils. He made no effort to end or prevent the riots.

However, it was the actions of a Cross girl, Persephone Hadley, daughter of Kamal Hadley, which brought the riots to an end. Shortly after one of the noughts had been injured, she yelled above all the noises of violence and hatred ‘You’re behaving like animals! … Worse than animals, like blankers!’ Persephone then entered the school with the rest of the pupils, making any questions impossible. It can only be assumed that she yelled for her own benefit, any of the few Cross sympathizers there are would not be heard yelling a phrase like this for the world to hear. Kamal Hadley was asked about the incident, but he refused to be questioned. More on page 4.

Above, crowds gathered nearby the school in protest

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