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Stage 2


Student name:Student Number:| |
Assessor name:| |
Unit/s of competency and performance criteria:| | | | 2.1| Recruit and induct employees within organisation's policies, practices and procedures| 2.2| Implement plans for acquisition of physical resources and services within organisation's policies, practices and procedures and in consultation with relevant personnel|

Date of assessment:| Week 13|
Duration| 5 minutes|
Total Grade| Student awarded: /36 Marks|
Candidate signature:| |
Assessor signature:| |

Business Department:
Principles of Management

Presentation: 36 Marks (12%)
1. Scenario:

As an HR supervisor at Zain, you are required to present your operational plan to hire a call centre agent in a 5-minute presentation to your manager and colleagues. The following is a description of the job required:

ZAIN1136 - Contact Center Agent
Business Unit:| Zain Kuwait| Division:| Customer Services| Location:| Kuwait - Kuwait City| Closing Date:| 31-Dec-2009|
Basic Purpose:
She/he will be responsible to handle a high volume of inbound customer calls to service them with quality and resolve billing inquiries, explain products and services, trouble shoot service equipment issues.| Main Duties & Responsibilities: * Facilitate, solve, interact and provide a high level of customer service that would exceed customer expectations as well meeting the departmental goals. * Evaluate customer concerns and resolve problems towards customer satisfaction. * Greet customers in a courteous, friendly and professional manner. * Secure customer satisfaction in every interaction in a professional manner. * Stay updated on products, services, promotions, procedures and terminology for all ZAIN touch points and third party...
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