Charlie Bravo Adventures and Tourism: Business Plan

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1. Name and Address of Business. CHARLIE BRAVO ADVENTURES & TOURISM, Margala Heights Mile stone 1, Islamabad. 2. Names and Addresses of Principals
a.Mr. Anjum Saeed Khan (CEO)
(1)Address: H: 21 Chaklala Scheme III, Rawalpindi. (2)Contact:As above, 051-50943566, alblakh@ b.Mr. Asif Hussain (GM Operation)
(1)Address:Mobilink Franchise, Chaklala Scheme II Rawalpindi. (2)Contact:As above, 051-50937559, c.Mr. Haroon Nasir (GM Administration/HR)

(1)Address:Lamda Communicator Pvt Limited H No: 44 G 7/2/4, Islamabad. (2)Contact:As above, 051-2204379, Haroon56@ d.Miss. Ansa Nighat Iqbal (GM Finance & Budget)

(1)Address:Paris Fashion , Fazaya Colony, Islamabad. (2)Contact:As above, 051-22345678,

3.Nature of Business. Charlie Bravo Adventures & Tourism will offer most popular adventure sports of Para Gliding, Hang Gliding, Rock Climbing and Expedition tours in the selected parts of Gilgat Baltistan (Northern Areas) and Azad Kashmir areas along with full guiding services.

4.Statement of Financing Needed. To establish this business approximately Rs.6.4 Mn would be needed. Details will be given is succeeding paragraphs.

5.Statement of Confidentiality of Report. Information included in this business plan is strictly confidential and is provided on the understanding that it will not be disclosed to third party without the written consent of CEO.

6.Executive Summary

a.Business Description. Charlie Bravo Adventures & Tourism is going to be a diversified business with an expanded length of operation. Its product offering will include certain world over popular adventure sports like Para Gliding, Hang Gliding, Rock Climbing and Expedition tourism in the some selected parts of Gilgat Baltistan (Northern Areas) and Azad Kashmir areas along with full guiding services.

b.Ownership and Management

(1)The new venture will be established on the basis of partnership amongst four entrepreneurs namely Mr.Anjum Saeed Khan, Mr. Asif Hussain, Mr. Haroon Nasir and Ms. Ansa Nighat Iqbal. Every partner will make an equal investment amounting to 25% of the total value of the business. (2)It will be a self managed and self financed business, therefore, these partners will assume the responsibilities of CEO, GM (operation), GM (HR & administration) and GM (finance & budget) as per the charter of duties given in mutually agreed Rules of Business by all the stakeholders. (3)Partnership will be regulated through a legal agreement with well defined rules of business. (4)Qualified ex armed forces personnel will be preferred for the middle level management. (5)No partner can transfer his rights to some other person. In case any partner at any length of business desire to quit partnership due to any reason, he may do it by selling his share to other just three partners only. (6)Disputes (if any) will only be resolved among the group of partners on the basis of decision give by the majority or the mutually agreed arbitrator and it will be binding on all.

c.Key Initiative and Objective. Our key initiative and objective is to become premier provider of quality adventure sports in paragliding, hang-gliding and rock climbing including services in adventure tourism in the selected parts of Gilgat Baltistan (Northern Areas) and Azad Kashmir areas in accordance with international safety and sporting standards and at highly affordable costs.

d.Marketing Opportunities. Although the industry of adventure sports and tourism has come a long way in last 10 years, but still there is much room for expansion for well-run professional adventure sports and...
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