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  • Published : January 22, 2013
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Is Abortion wrong or right?

No one really knows that if it’s right or wrong. Abortion is the removal of foetus from the womb before it can survive. If you did have an abortion, you would be killing a child even before it would start its childhood. Around 42 million abortions performed every year worldwide. Would you kill someone innocent that you make you happy? Abortion is one of the most polarising moral issues. Most people are on one side or the other, very few are undecided. In this speech, I am going to tell you the reasons for and against abortion. So, is Abortion wrong or right?

Some people would agree that abortion is right and there are many reasons to it. A woman has the right to decide what happens to their body. If they wanted to something with your body then you could do it. All women have the right to decide what on what they want to do. Also, it could be a serious risk to the mother’s life if the pregnancy continues. Did you know that, over thousands of people die after having an abortion? Furthermore, some mothers can’t cope with their child after their pregnancy. How would you like it if your child screams and cries all the time and, you couldn’t get any piece?

However, some people would disagree and think that abortion is wrong. Every unborn baby in this world are unique, different and they have potential personalities. Abortion can goes wrong. It can give mental and physical risks to women. Furthermore, some people thinks that the baby if a gift from God and only God has the right to end to take away the pregnancy.

Many religions have different opinions when it comes to abortion. For example, many Christians have different views about abortion. Some Christians believe abortion is always wrong because it is murder and it is against God’s will. Life is holy and it belongs to God, only god had the right to end the pregnancy. Whilst, some Christians believe that it is wrong but it must be allowed in some circumstances as the lesser of...
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