Why I Am for Abortion

Topics: Woman, Human rights, Abortion Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: July 26, 2011
Name: Tonia Ross
Speech Title: Why I am for abortion.
Specific Purpose: Because we should as women have the right to decide, I am for the right to abortion.
I. Attention and Interest. Hello ladies and gentlemen but mostly to the ladies. I am here today on behalf of abortions. I want you to understand why I am for abortions. II. Credibility. You should trust me on abortions because I am a living witness of it. I had an abortion in 1994 and I’m still alive with no complications. III. Thesis Statement. I am for abortions because they are not immoral and women need the right to choose. IV. Preview of Speech. I am going to tell you why I think abortions are not immoral and why women have the right to choose. V. Transition. Arguments about abortions may not be on the front page of news papers like the use to be,but abortion is still a vital issue.


I. The first reason I am for abortions is that they are not immoral.
A. A lot of people complain how abortions are immoral, but they are wrong. 1. It is not wrong first of all because many doctors and clinics offer reproductive services. 2. It is also not wrong because individual mothers have made a concious a carefull choice of their consequences.

Transition to Subpoint B. There are also other reasons why abortions are not immoral.
B. Abortions are also not immoral because women have put their own lives on the line.
1. A mother can loose her own life. Would she do that just to do something immoral?
2. She also risks gossip and criticism for her choice. Would she do that if it was immoral?
Transition to Second main point. Another important reason why I am for abortion is for women’s right to choose.
II. Women need the right to choose what happens to their body.
A. They have the right to choose because they are the main caretaker....
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