School Security

Topics: Education, Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, United States Constitution Pages: 5 (492 words) Published: May 28, 2013
School Security

While the primary concern of

schools is to teach, today's reality is that

schools are also concerned with

protecting and safeguarding young

people. More and more, schools have

begun using metal detectors and other

means to keep weapons and other

harmful things out of the school

environment. Schools now also have

security guards who are able to search

students’ property. It’s sad that schools

have gotten to this point but most would

agree it is necessary to maintain a safe

and educational atmosphere in schools.

School is a place to learn and be

educated, not a place for vandalism,

gangs, or violence. Schools should be a

place of safety and education.

The use of metal detectors in

school is a great way to keep harmful

items off school property. Not only will

the students be put in danger, but the

faculty will also have families at home.

Having metal detectors keep these

weapons out of school environment.

There are cases in which students or

outsiders else brought a weapon into a

school that is not detected. In this case

there are cameras which give security a

view of the person taking out the

weapon or any suspicious act that might

imply any danger to the school.

Cameras help identify anybody might

do any vandalism to the school property

and lets the school know where and

there is potential danger.

Schools are not safe with just

metal detectors and cameras. Security

guards are another way in keeping

harmful weapons off of the school

property. Security guards can search a

student’s bag or even the student to

check if they are carrying something

they are not supposed to have. Now it’s

said that under the Fourth Amendment,

American citizens are protected from

unreasonable searches and seizures by

public officials. Although the Fourth

Amendment requires both a warrant

and probable cause in most cases, the

Supreme Court held that neither is

needed because of the “special needs” of

the school environment. The Supreme

Court understands that in the time we

live, students are involved in gangs,

drugs, or just have a mental problem

that was never found. So the Supreme

Court has ruled that schools can legally

search a student’s property if they have

probable cause. These are reasons why

it’s needed to keep the school

environment safe for those students

who go to learn and want to accomplish

their goals.

Keeping students and staff

members safe in the school

environment is the main priority

because who’s going to teach or who’s

going to learn if something were to

happen? If there was no security, then

anybody who is having a bad time and

just goes nuts walks in to the school and

shoots everybody. Parents and the

states want to avoid something so awful

to happen to their kids and friends.

Metal detectors and security guards are

great way to keep harm out of school

property and from students hurting

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