Room Security

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In this essay, I will explain an unfortunate situation that occurred to me due to being negligent and irresponsible. The way I handled a certain situation also leads me to be speaking about the importance of keeping your items safe inside your barracks room and securing your items. I will be explaining a recent theft that happened to me and how it could have been avoided, had I followed regulations listed in the barracks handbook. Unfortunate things happen when proper measures are not taken. I have witnessed firsthand what it is like to lose important items because of being careless. In this essay I will also be showing the proper way to secure your items in the barracks and why this is important not only inside of the barracks, but everywhere you go as a Soldier in the US Army. I will not only explain why it is important to secure your belongings in the barracks, and lock your barracks door, but I will also relate this to how it compares to actual moments in the battlefield where you may suffer if you are missing items of value due to lack of accountability for them.

Before I begin to tell you about how important it is to keep your valuable secure and your barracks locked at all times, let me tell you what happened to me to make me realize that I was extremely negligent with my things. One weekend, I was away from my barracks room. I had the key to my barracks on my person at all times, or so I thought. When I came back home, I could not locate my keys anywhere. To my unfortunate luck, I found that I had lost my key. This meant that I was unable to lock my barracks door, leaving my room exposed to apparent harm such as theft. In an unfortunate twist of events, during an inspection of my barracks, someone found out that my door was unlocked. They quickly took advantage of the situation and of my lack of accountability for my belongings and items of high value. All of my electronics and high value items were in plain sight inside my barracks room. Nothing was secured. Nothing was in my locker. Nothing was put away behind a lock and key to keep it from being stolen. Because of my negligence and my disregard for finding a replacement key to my barracks room, someone that noticed my room was unlocked came into my barracks after the barracks inspection was held and proceeded to take all of my electronics and items of value. Despite my lack of security for my belongings, I returned home to find all of my things were missing and that I had become a victim of theft. I highly regret not replacing my barracks key as soon as I misplaced it. All of the grief I experienced as a victim of theft could have been completely avoided had I not been so negligent and careless. I proceeded to file a report with the police about the robbery. I went frantic searching the internet to see if people had started to sell my valuables on yard sale pages and Craigslist. I was also counseled on the matter. But, that is not even the worst part. Not only did I lose thousands of dollars worth of valuables that I cannot replace so easily as it took me many hard earned dollars to purchase them, but I also have to report to my NCO on a daily basis and show that I have my barracks key accounted for.

I handled my situation in the most incorrect manner. The following things are what I should have done right when I lost my key. First, I should have gone right to my NCO and explained my predicament. I should have told my NCO that I lost my key and assumed accountability for the lack of responsibility and utter negligence that I had assumed with losing such a valuable item. There is no excuse for me leaving my barracks door unlocked. That should not have happened. Furthermore, I have learned my lesson in leaving valuable items laying around unattended and because of how my items were stolen, I will be taking more cautious and preventative measures to ensure my valuable belongings from now on. I will make better use of my locker and make sure to keep all the...
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