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  • Published : July 10, 2012
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Autobiography of a Violet School Bag
I was born in a jungle as cotton, white, formless, spread widely across many plants, with no specific purpose, but a world full of possibilities.

Then I went through a grind (cut & stitched) in the factory, picked up specific form (a bag), a specific color (violet), and some designs too…something like a tattoo…a bright and colorful rainbow on me. People said I looked beautiful;

I am now a School Bag and my purpose is to carry books and stationeries for children – I loved my purpose.

My home now is the Forum Mall, at Bangalore, on the display bench, adjacent to Joanne, a nice looking RED bag with a cute yellow SMILEE on her. These tattoos on us made us attractive. We became good friends with time.

But it was time to MOVE ON again to a new home, with Aradhana, my new Master who bought me. I found her kind hearted, good and generous. She took me to her school and it was fun. But I did hate Tuesday’s and Thursday’s as I had to carry too many books on those days;

As Year’s passed, I understood that it was time to MOVE ON and make someone else happy; Aradhana was very kind and sent me to an orphanage; As I set off to the orphanage in the van, I began to cry thinking about my master, as I loved her very much. I reached the orphanage and a girl came running towards me and hugged me. She took me and kept me in her room;

She was poor but kind and nice; she stuck stickers, hung key chains and decorated me; she loved me very dearly; we lived happily ever after
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