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Video games today play a major part in the youth’s society. Some people think that video games are over rated. The games that video game creators make are every aggressive. I personally think that parents that let their child play video games should monitor what they play and how long they may play it.

There should not be any parents that do not know what their son is doing for four days locked in his room. That is a sign of neglect towards their child. A perfect example of this is the Tyler Rugby story. His situation was that he went on a four day video game binge of Modern Warfare 3 (MW3). He did this without using the restroom or eating but a few times during the ninety-six hour binge.

The victim Tyler Rugby parents claimed that they did not have verification that their child was participating in this activity. There should not be any parents in the world not knowing why their child has locked in their room or the reason for it. . I personally think that his parents should take all the responsibility for this problem because parents should monitor how long their child plays video games and what video game because some are influencing. I think his parents should be charged for parent neglect because they are the ones who let their child stay in a room for four to five days without food, water, or without bathing, nor without knowing where he maybe or what may he be doing.

After Tyler Rugby pasted out the very first time his mother and aunt should have rushed him to the hospital instead of waiting after the third time he passes out to notice something is very wrong and take him to the hospital. I think that playing the game excessively is not a good way of spending your spare time. Why? Because playing video games can eliminate your brain cells. Video games are very entertaining but are very influencing.
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