Sch 31

Topics: Feeling, Want, Communication Pages: 2 (532 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Shc 31
There are different reasons as to why people communicate. They do it for things such as establishing relationships. We start a confiscation via eye contact, smiling and even introducing ourselves. This will let the other person know that we are friendly and interested in getting to know them. in a childcare setting we are forever meeting new people from children to is important that we establish a relationship with them all as they will want to know they are leaving their children with a nice person. Once the relationship has been established it needs to be maintained. A good first impression is important but showing them you are always ready to listen to them is important as they need to feel you take their opinion seriously. A good way to do this is via small talk. Gathering information from parents such as they will be going to the zoo the next time you see them ask them how it went this shows you listened and you want to continue the relationship on a positive way. We also use confiscation to give and receive information. Any information used will need to be shared appropriately and also need to be stored in compliance with the settings policy and procedures for holding information. We also give and receive information to the children in our setting in which will help their further development. Along with information giving acknowledgement, encouragement and support. We do this by letting people know if they are doing a good job or if struggling with a job give them support and encouragement. It is really important that we do this with children as they are experience new situations. And they need to know that adults in their life care for them. We use communication to express our feelings children have difficulty expressing feeling as they don’t know how to show them it’s up to adults to interpret their feelings. We as practitioners need to set a good example. So they can see the correct manner to express their feelings...
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