Scenario Evaluation Plan

Topics: Domestic violence, Project management, Child abuse Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: July 27, 2012
PEACE Domestic Violence Agency is dedicated to the community in reducing victim trauma, empowering survivors, and to promote recovery through direct services. The objectives are to promote the well-being of people who has been affected by domestic violence, and to educate people about domestic violence. So basically this program is there to help those who need it the most people who think they cannot get out or people who need to know the facts about domestic violence and what it can do to people and their families. The program is available to everybody who could be exposed to violence whether it’s domestic violence, rape or abuse.

Evaluation plans are very important for programs, it help make changes or know if the program will be successful. Peace needs to make sure that the program is working s abilities, the way it was intended to work and evaluating the program is the best way to do that. Management needs to know things such as the budgeting aspect, checking the effectiveness of a program for it to be successful or if things need to be changed. This paper will discuss the evaluation plan that I believe will work best for PEACE.

The process evaluation will help in reviewing the client services and benefits, by using qualitative and quantitative methods. It also documents the appropriateness and acceptability of the program regarding the target population through interviews, biannual questionnaire and feedback. Process evaluation uses three components are used to achieve the goal of the evaluation which is program planning and development, program interventions, and database management system.

In order to get the best results clients need to fill out surveys regarding the services offered from the program. The feedback from clients should always be looked over carefully since they are the ones that are being served. Getting ideas from clients and staff could help the agency improve their program, I say this because when dealing...
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