Saxonville Sausage Company

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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Saxonville Sausage Company

• Saxonville Sausage is a $1.5 billion manufacturer of pork sausage products • Its experiencing financial stress because its leading product lines have lately produced declining revenues in product categories that are realizing no growth.


Market position & condition
• One product line, the Italian sausage brand “Vivio”, has recently experienced a significant increase in revenues • This has been the case with the entire Italian sausage category nationwide • Unfortunately, Vivio makes up only 5% of the company's total revenues.


In comes Ann Banks …
• Ann Banks has been hired recently by Saxonville. • Her job is to expand Vivio, currently distributed in a few cities, especially in the northeastern U.S, into a powerful national brand. • Ann has to work to determine the best positioning for the brand. 4

What steps did Ann Banks choose ???

Step 1
• Analyzing and employing specific techniques such as Focus Groups for researching customers' needs, preferences, and values • To accomplish this she chose a method that combined both quantitative and qualitative research. – The qualitative steps would bring out ideas and give a base with which to understand the target customers. – The quantitative part validates the results of the qualitative research across a greater population 6

Step 2 & 3
• Using the learning from research to develop a motivation-centered characterization of the target consumer • Eliciting tactical ideas from a crossdepartmental team of colleagues for product "alterations," packaging, and other contributory elements in the branding program 7

Research results
• After reviewing the research results, it could be concluded that women are the primary purchasers of Italian sausage. • Most of them work outside of the home and want to be able to prepare a home cooked meal for their families that is easy to make, tastes great and that everyone gathered around the dinner table will...
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