True Earth

Topics: Wheat, Marketing, Italian cuisine Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: October 25, 2010
Case: TruEarth

TruEarth it is the first company to focus on whole grain products, they sales and produce health food such as making fresh pasta and after the success of TruEarth in pasta and their main problem is whether they planned to launch a new product line that is refrigerated pizza or not.

Cucina Fresca Pasta succeeded because it was made with high quality durum wheat and was notoriously selective about ingredients for sauces. The product line featured standard pastas such as spaghetti, rigatoni and shells as well as pastas with blended ingredients. Moreover this product succeeded because the company became a supplier to a number of gourmet groceries throughout the Midwestern United States. The company had built loyal regional products. The company raised also consumer awareness through several promotional programs using coupons, magazine advertisements etc. The actual product development process for pizza is the service became larger regional accounts; the cost of such missteps increased and purchase process and willingness to pay increased. On the other hand, pasta product features with product development and taste as well as quantification of volume.

My recommendation is to lunch the pizza product as I did the forecast calculation for the pizza and I got the volume sales about 17 million so this volume sales exceed 12 million and it should success be lunched successfully. The table B shows some facts about product specifications. The product will grew due to development process by the company, hence the company should exert the best offers and services to gain more consumers and increase sales rates. Moreover, the exhibit 6 indicates basic standard of pizza such as taste, and quality. TruEarth shows high quality ingredients (8.1) and healthy ingredients (9.1) so the consumer’s view about pizza product is good because it contains many basic and good ingredients. The estimates of the exhibit is high, hence it makes to attract...
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