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Topics: Scientific method, Qualitative research, Data analysis Pages: 3 (479 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Badr Baazet
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Part I

Being a researcher involved in a qualitative study, my role is going to be purely analytics toward the data elicited, which will be considered for what it means. This is while adopting one of the qualitative methods that, in my case, text analysis. I will be concerned with analyzing excerpts of a given text, to come up with information that responds to questions set prior to data collection. Of course, as the nature of the research dictates, the data sought is of qualitative rather than quantitative significance to the project purpose. Thus, the data will be treated for obscure meanings that they have within. For instance, the type of research I conduct as part of my end-of-study project entails finding the true motives behind behaviors of certain characters in a novel. This can be attained through analyzing their speeches as well as other passages pertaining to the point. Basically, I will approach the data by an observative, analytic approach.

Part II

II.1. Title

Commercial techniques of street sellers

II.2. Objective

The objective of this study is to deal with the commercial process that takes place on the street. It aims to elicit the verbal persuasive techniques applied by street sellers. Then, it would account for the strategies followed by them to make their good appeal to costumers.

II.3. Hypothesis

In order to draw consumers' attention, a street seller adopts certain strategies.

II.4. Questions

This research paper will try to give answer to the following questions.

a- How does a street seller make his/her goods appealing? b- What are the verbal persuasive techniques does he/she follow? c- Is there any strategy concerning the goods presentation to the consumer?

II.5. Method

The type of information to be collect requires the use of qualitative methods of data...
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