Sand and Gravel Production Line Process

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Sand and gravel production line process

Ore body in a ball mill tube by the impact, grinding the peel force and squeeze the effects of stress and grated.The ball mill cylinder body equipped with grinding media. Grinding medium was brought to a certain height with the cylinder rotation, due to the weight of the media whereabouts.So mounted in the cylinder body of ore by the role of the media impact; On the other hand, due to the revolution and rotation of the ball mill grinding media along the axis of the cylinder in the cylinder body, between the grinding media and its contact with the cylinder area produce squeezing and grinding the peel force, ore and ore milled. Friction between the ball mill ball and cylinder when the cylinder rotates, the ball is brought up and rise to a certain height, the ball itself, gravity, and finally along the whereabouts of a certain orbit. ball mill:

ball mill:

Ball (the ball was put on) in the region is the role of two forces: a force Shi from the tangential direction on the ball in the cylinder rotation; other ball diameter relative to said side with the force opposite force, the force of weight due to the ball itself, caused by sliding down. Therefore, these two forces, for any ball will constitute one pair of couple.Due to ball alicey999 squeeze in the middle of the cylinder and the adjacent ball, so the couple will make the ball between the frictional resistance of varying sizes, and thus the layers of steel balls with the cylinder axis of revolution movement (of course, the layers of the ball and cylinder synchronous ball ball mill mill rate, and the revolution speed of the layers of steel balls are not the same).Dropping the ball within the region since the fall, and thus in the region where a strong impact on the cylinder body of ore crushing effect. Due to the ball falling impact, and hence the ball in the region have a very strong...
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