New Separation Technology of Mineral Processing Equipment

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  • Published : February 6, 2012
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Processing of ores in mineral processing equipment, in order to ensure the required quality of the slurry when the leaching of the ore dressing equipment, so before the slurry leaching with concentrated operations, after leaching the pulp slurry and chemical precipitation should be subject to the solid phase and liquid phase separation, in order to meet the requirements of the subsequent operations.Vibrating grizzly feeder The technology selected for the purpose to reach the solid-liquid separation and washing, often several times. When washing operations are recycling solid waste solution,Cement rotating dryer the general cross-flow washing process (that is, each time to give into the fresh detergent), in order to improve washing efficiency; order to recover the solution and discard the solids, usually countercurrent washing process (wash materials and detergent run in the opposite direction) in order to ensure that the higher purpose of component content in the higher rate of washing and lotion. 1, of the selected solid-liquid separation, requires not only solid and liquid separately. And often entrained a considerable number of the solution after the separation of the solid phase (cake or bottom currents), while the nature of this part of the solution in the feed slurry liquid identical in nature to conduct a thorough washing,Vibrating grizzly feeder in order to improve the quality of the metal recovery in mineral processing equipment or solid products, but also to deal with the solid phase part. 2, the filtration method. This is the pressure difference on both sides of the filter referred to realize the solid-liquid separation process.China vibrating feeder Commonly used equipment for all types of vacuum filters and filter presses. With this method, the solid-liquid separation available to clarify the high serum. Need washing the filter cake and then mixing, then filtering. Automatic plate and frame filter press in recent years,China cement mills domestic...
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