The Process of Changing Gold Ore into Gold Brick

Topics: Gold, Crusher, Belt Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: April 18, 2012
Usually most people believe, gold ore are golden, it is not true, the gold ore is black, mainly to see the gold content of ore, usually gold content per ton of gold ore can reach 2-3 g, here today for you to uncover gold ore into gold brick. Gold ore into the crusher two large stones will be turned into gravel-sized, and then transmitted to the powder ore bin, will be screened out of the stone into the crusher(crusher), broken transported by conveyor belt to transfer positions , and then round the mill crushing, crushing gold ore transported by conveyor to vibrating screen sieve. Since then, the ore began to enter the equipment for grinding the ore from the mines of powder delivered to the ball mill (ball mill) discharge after the grinding, after some processing,transported to the cyclone classification, grading qualified product overflow into flotation machine stirred tank. Flotation machine (flotation machine) to make pulp, drugs, and the air is fully mixed, and then the formation of bubbles floating on top, gold-bearing minerals scraper scrape out, and then enter a scour trench to get out. This completes the entire process of refining gold ore. Flotation out of the black bubble flush had gone into a central depository box, and then pump these flotation of gold-bearing material to be filtered and the solid-liquid separation, the substances all of which contain gold squeezed out to form a slag. Slag into the cyanide process, and once again the ore grinding, and grinding the ore into a face powder, and then began washing ore purification so that the powder becomes a gold mud. Then packed in a container inside the gold mud into the furnace, the furnace can pass on the power to produce the high temperature of 1200 ° C, the gold mud into them soon after became a Goldwater. Goldwater will be poured into the prepared mold inside, and Jin condensation temperature is gradually receded, and then turn over the mold, pour out the gold products, so it becomes a glittering...
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