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Topics: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Agriculture Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: February 17, 2013
JOURNAL| POPULATION(N & n)| VARIABLES| METHODOLOGY| OBJECTIVE| 1.Experiential contacts with green infrastructure’s diversity and well-being of Urban Community| N=335n=33| independent=open spacesDepend=types of greeney| Study area = low-rise residential area, low-density commercial area and numerous green spaces.Data collection & analyses= used questionnaire survey and interview to measure the responses of residents.Questionnaire=to measured responses residentsInterview (face-to-face)=experiential qualities and feeling of residents.| -to participate in active activities-to socialize-to perform other transactional activities.| 2.Agricultural and extension education in Albania| N=250,00n=500| Independent=effective agricultural schoolsDepend=agricultural extension system| -a focus on the severe agricultural development constraints-used low cost approaches to delivering knowledge and information-using questionnaire-using interview (face-to-face)| -familiarizing the participants with concepts of agricultural extension-understanding the role of extension in rural development-clarifying roles of agricultural extension officers-studying concepts of agricultural knowledge information system-learning to use participatory methods for planning and implementing extension programs-how to determine farmer needs-Preparing an action plan| 3.A comparison agricultural credit use and non-use among limited-resource farm households in trinidad| N=20,000n=180| Independent=several psychological(attitude toward risk)Quantitative-continous=human capital(farm experience and education)=farm-related-descriptive=farm performanceDepend=resource-baseQualitative=decision factors| -samplings=use simple random sampling=interview schedule-analysis=to explore and describe which variables for discriminating among groups=to develop profiles=to test differences among groups-result=to finance farming operations| -determine the extent,nature and purpose of credit use among...
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