Same-sex Marriage and Jordan

Topics: Same-sex marriage, Homosexuality, Morality Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: April 11, 2013

It is Morally Ethical to Discriminate against Homosexuals
The legal battle in the fight of gay rights tests the application of the fourteenth amendment’s equal protection clause that states “No state shall …deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws (CITE). Our country was founded on the principle that all people should be treated equally. Everyone should be guaranteed the same freedoms and rights no matter what gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. One group that has historically and continuously been discriminated against is homosexuals. Author Jeff Jordan in his article “Is it Wrong to Discriminate on the Basis of Homosexuality?” defends the claim that there are situations in which it is morally permissible to discriminate against homosexuals. He contends that there is a public dilemma concerning the moral status of homosexuality and, unless a human right is at stake, then the government should refrain from favoring by publicly recognizing same-sex marriage. Jordan was unsuccessful in supporting his thesis; his argument was illogical because it lacks both clarity and empirical evidence. In another article called “Same-Sex Marriage and the Argument from Public Disagreement”, author David Boonin argues directly against Jordan’s argument, challenging the effectiveness of the claims made. While I do believe same-sex marriage should be sanctioned, Boonin’s argument did not convince me more or less on his argument, it too was unsuccessful.

Jordan attempts to show that it is morally permissible for the state to refuse to sanction same-sex marriages by appealing to the fact that marriage is a public, rather than a private institution. He believes that different moral standards apply to public acts than to private acts. He fails to support why this is true in the case for .Of course it is widely condemned to perform sexual acts in public but if he is referring to mere exchanges of affection between homosexuals,...
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