Yes on Prop 8

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Yes on Proposition 8
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Yes on Proposition 8
Proposition 8 was a huge political issue for voters in California. I voted yes like 52% of California residents to preserve marriage between a woman and a man, and limit marriage to heterosexual couples (Farrell , 2010). Proposition 8 campaign raised over 40 million to ensure Californians voted Yes on Proposition 8 (Khan, 2009). All citizens in California should vote Yes on Proposition 8 so that marriage remains between a woman and a man. Voters opposing this view often describe this issue as civil rights issue and compare it to racism. Voters that oppose Proposition 8 suggest that inequality and discrimination are being condoned by the state of California. There must be boundaries and laws when it comes to marriage. The decision for my choice to vote Yes on Proposition 8 has caused tension and division within my entire family. Voting Yes on Proposition 8 not only preserves marriage between women and men but also sets a limitation on voters and citizens making their own rules about which a person can marry. Proposition 8 should have been voted Yes by all California residents to limit marriage between heterosexual couples because boundaries need to be established when giving any person a right. Opposes of this view make the argument that people should be able to marry whomever they want. Making a statement like this could be detrimental to people who try to take advantage of some of the benefits that come along with marriage such as filing taxes, health benefits, or inheritance. What if people that use this law to marry more than one person at the same time, marry their own family members, or marry a friend. I do believe that this proposition was too vague and will allow people to use the law to marry whoever they want and use it as an abuse of power. I do agree that marriage is something that God ordained so I cannot judge any same sex couple...
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