Sales Order Capture Channels

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Sales Order Capture Channels
A multi-channel retailer would usually have orders being captured on a number of unique order capture channels. Some of these are discussed here.

Web sites - Orders may be placed by customers on the organization’s website, after browsing through the online product catalog. The customer adds items and quantities to the shopping cart, and then checks out the items in the cart after providing the payment information. Payment authorization is also done at this point. After the necessary validations and authorization, the order is created. Contact Centers - Customers can call the organization’s contact centers, such as call centers, sales office or customer service centers, to place an order. They specify the items and quantities needed, and provide the payment details. After the necessary validations and authorization, the order is created. Call centers can use any of the following methods of interaction with the customers: * Interactive Voice Recorder (IVR) – Order capturing process is fully automated and the customers are guided by interactive voice recorded messages while placing orders. * Customer Service Representative (CSR) – Customers talk to operators (CSRs) directly for placing orders. * A combination of IVR and CSR – Most organizations use a combination of IVRs and CSRs to interact with their customers. IVR’s are used to capture routine information such as entry of credit card details. CSR’s assist the customers with more complex ordering tasks. Social Networking Websites - Some organizations provide storefronts and other e-commerce capabilities on social media websites, such as Facebook. Some put up searchable catalogs on these websites, and link to their own websites when the customer is ready to order. Mobile apps (smartphones/tablets) - This form of online shopping is perhaps the fastest growing now. Customer can shop online using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers. Vendors collaborate with...
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