Customer Service

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Customer Service
What is Customer Service?
Customer Service is any contact between a customer and a company that causes a negative or positive experience by a customer, it also means being able to exceed the needs and expectations of all their customers rather than just meeting them. “Excellent customer service is about creating a good impression: meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of visitors, and making them feel welcome, excited and valued.” (

Who are the customers?
There are two types of customers customer service deals with. They’re internal and external customers. An internal customer is someone who is directly connected to an organization. An example of an internal customer would be a stakeholder, shareholder and employees. An external customer is someone who is not directly connected to an organization in any way but is someone who uses the company’s services or products. Stakeholders can be any people or groups of people interested in a business. The main stakeholders in a business are •Workers

Local community
A shareholder is an individual or organization owning one or more share in a company. Pension funds and mutual funds are examples of shareholders that are also organizations. Employees are people who are hired by an organisation or a company who are paid to do a specific job. There are a lot of different customers that organisations and companies have to take care of, for example The National Maritime museum in London. They have to deal with a variety of different customers everyday such as: •Individuals- casual visitors, special interest visitors, researchers •Families- parents with young children

Groups- mixed age, special interest and education
People from different cultures and countries who speak different languages- foreign and domestic tourists, people from diverse ethnic and religious communities •People with special needs- blind or visually-compared, deaf or hearing-compared, learning difficulties, physical, emotional or mental health needs •Virtual users who access the museum through their website •Internal customers: e.g members of staff

What is good customer service?
Giving customer service to a high standard is important for every company or organisation In the Travel and tourism industry. There are certain skills needed that are involved in dealing with customers. Employees need to make sure they use the correct language when dealing with customers instead of using slang; they need to remember they are representing an organisation, company or an employer. The language used should be appropriate for the audience they are targeting. For example, if you’re speaking to a child or someone who isn’t very good with English, they will need to use simple phrases and expressions. However if you’re speaking to an adult, the level of language will be more sophisticated as they will be able to understand more, but they still need to ensure they’re clear about what they’re saying and meet the needs of what the customer is asking of. An employee also needs to have good listening skills to understand what the customer is asking and make sure they understand the full concept of the conversation and not just listen to half of it. An employee’s body language also says a lot about that person, so to give good customer service they need to have positive body language as customers can get the wrong impression. For example, if an employee is slouched at a desk that gives of an impression that they’re bored and not really caring about what is happening around them, but if they’re stood upright looking towards the customer and using eye contact then it will give the impression that they’re listening and interested in what the speaker has to say. Another aspect of body language that is important is facial expressions. If you look angry or you’re frowning then it gives off the...
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