Sales Manager and a Finance Manager

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Purpose of Report and Intended Audience
The purpose of this report is to evaluate the everyday job requirements, prerequisites, and benefits of a sales manager and a finance manager. Also, the work environment and growth of the each industry will be analyzed.

Currently attending Santa Fe Community College for the past year, will be earning his Associative Arts degree at the end of spring semester in 2008. After graduating from Santa Fe Community College he will be transferring to the University of Florida in the summer of 2008 to double major in Financial Management and Business Management. This report is intended for Professor Gail Ellyson, who is an English professor at Santa Fe Community College.

Scope of Inquiry
Career Descriptions
Education, Training, and Skills
Career Descriptions
A sales manager is very vital in the operation of all retail sales, wholesalers, and virtually all other businesses. The ACT Discover states that with so many different atmospheres that sales managers are needed, the position of sales manager has a variety of options of employment as well as opportunities for promotion (2006-07). The position of finance manager is one that is important in many big businesses. In the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Handbook documents that the majority of big businesses that have a Financial Manager, there is a single job title devoted solely to the finance manager and he or she is in charge of assessing financial decisions for the company (2006-07). These two positions are very similar in there training and education requirements.

Sales Manager. A Sales Manager is in charge of managing and supervising people and projects in order to sell more of a certain product or service. Employment Variables. The different employment variables to consider when evaluating a Sales managers job are plenty. The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics states that with being a sales manager comes many responsibilities as far as making important decisions and knowing what is going on all of the time (2006-07a). Sales managers are needed throughout the world in big businesses as well as small businesses. Variables for sales managers have many different positions that can be held as follows; Sales Manager (retail), Marketing Manager, Advertising and Promotions Manager, Public Relations Manager, and Wholesale Sales Manager (USDOL, OOH, 2006-07a). Sales Managers have a broad scope of possible employment options. Work Environment. The working environment for a sales manager differs. A sales manager can work in many different atmospheres and areas of work, from a small indoor office to being out in the field selling a product or service to people and businesses. Also, a Sales Manager can be on the sales floor or traveling from one state to another to check on business (USDOL, OOH, 2006-07a). Managers usually get good benefits including paid vacation and time off, sick days, and incentives to sell more product or service. Yet, a sales manager’s job can be stressful at times, with being in charge of people and having to coordinate and manage them. Demands of position. The demands of a Sales Manager can be great. Sometimes calling for long hours, a Sales Manager can often work 50-60 hour, 6 to 7 day work weeks (ACT, DISC, 2006-07). According to Chipidea incorporated being a Sales Manager has much responsibility such as dealing with conflicts and managing internal communication (2006). One must be able to advise clients on policies and operating procedures, be able to communicate effectively with department heads, determine prices and rates, be able to direct employees and manage them productively, prepare budgets, oversee progress, and resolve customer complaints, just to go over a few responsibilities (USDOL,BLS, 2006-07a). The position of sales manager can be demanding. Industry...
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