Sales Force Management

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Sales Force Management
Proper training for a sales force is vital to the success of the individual as well as the team. According to Spiro, Stanton, and Rick, “The salesperson’s product knowledge, understanding of customer needs, and selling skills are directly related to the amount of training he or she receives” (2004, p. 190). This paper will discuss such instances encountered by Imaginative Staffing, Inc., summarize the case study presented in Management of a Sales Force, and answer questions regarding the case study. In addition, this paper will analyze the key elements and processes of selecting and recruiting a sales force, describe the appropriate training modality for both initial and recurrent training for Imaginative Staffing, and describe the different methods used to motivate the sales personnel. Case Summary

Imaginative Staffing, Inc. (ISI) is a temporary-services firm in New York, NY, formed in 1990. Over the years, the company has grown to $17 million in revenues as well as adding staff to accommodate the company’s growth. Angie Roberts, CEO of ISI, is frustrated with the company’s current selling system and the amount of time it takes to close a prospect. While attending a party, Angie learns about team selling from a colleague. The concept of team selling intrigues Angie. After further investigation, Angie is curious if the concept of team selling will work within her organization. To satisfy her curiosity Angie appoints Susan Borland the sales director, with the task of preparing a plan for developing and training a sales team to present to the management group in one of the weekly meetings. Susan and her assistant, Judy Morgan, use investigative research to understand all aspects of team selling to determine if ISI should implement the team-selling system, who should be on the team, and the training required to develop their sales personnel. Answers

Angie admits the current selling system in place at ISI is taking too long to close a sale...
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