Hrm 531 Training and Mentoring Program

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Training & Mentoring Program
HRM 531
April 4, 2011

Training and Mentoring
The merger between InterClean and EnviroTech is fast approaching. Our two companies will soon be crossed trained in various functions and positions within the newly formed organization. We have individuals from both organizations who have strong sales and leadership skills. In addition, InterClean executives need to balance growth and sustained success both locally and worldwide. In order to do that, it is necessary to establish a training program for the newly formed sales team. Cascio (2005) explains that identifying content, design, types of learners and what it will do for InterClean are some of the targets to reach for. The real measure however, Cascio explains, lies in the results obtained, in this case how well we perform as a sales team (page 317). As we move forward in this memo, we will explain the importance of evaluating the value of the training program. Since this is a step-by-step process we will break the subjects into the following areas, assessment, training, capabilities, implementation and evaluation. Assessment of the Training Needs

The goal of training assessment needs is to identify areas where the new sales team will need additional support. For instance, since this new sales team is a meld of experienced sales representatives from both organizations, each sales representative has his/her unique style and ability. The next few paragraphs will identify and talk about the training needs identified. Training - Orientation

First, InterClean believes that an employee orientation is in order. Introducing our new sales associates to InterClean procedures and methods of operations and expectations will answer many pending questions. Although some of the newly formed team are from InterClean, it is important to have everyone in the sales team be included in the orientation training. Cascio (2005) believes that there are three major areas in which to focus when providing an orientation: Company Standards, Social Climate, and Technical Aspects (page 317). Specifically, job performance skills identified within the team include familiarization with InterClean standards and expectations. These standards and expectations, including company goals, are not the same as when InterClean began and it is imperative that all sales team members attend this training. This will allow employees understand company policies, goals and expectations. The topic of social climate allows for the team to understand the group dynamics and hopefully begin blending of customs, attitudes and behaviors. Training in technical aspects will give all sales team members an advantage as they will be fully prepared to answer questions about both products and services as well as demonstrate use. All team members are expected to complete the Orientation training since the dynamics of the company are changing. Training – Customer Service

Customer Service training has been identified as one of the most crucial training areas within the InterClean sales team. There are several members of the new team who have excellent customer service skills. They will however, need to consider how to maintain consistent communication with the customer so that one sales associate will provide the same service as the next. Having a positive relationship with the customer will provide a solid foundation which will help the sales team focus on “helping the customer” vs. “selling to the customer.” This concept will help InterClean realize the 40% growth expected through the merger of the two companies. Cascio (2005) suggests that improving customer satisfaction, identifying customer needs, satisfaction and building better customer responsiveness is a paramount to improving the bottom line (page 292). All employees are expected to complete the Customer Service Training.

Training – Team Building
The new sales team will be...
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