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SALES & MARKETING PLAN (For 2011 – 2012)

The presented sales and marketing plan has been worked upon while covering the theoretical knowledge gained during the duration of module. The sales and marketing plan covers only the rooms division strategy due to word count limitation (Revenue aspects such as Food & Beverage outlets, other revenue etc are not being discussed). Glossary at the end of appendices features the key industry specific terms used in the plan.

Executive summary
The Imagery hotel is an established luxury hotel located in the XYZ city of India. The hotel is part of a renowned chain of hotel. The hotel has been an industry leader in the city since its inception in 1991.

The hotel follows the objectives that are consistent with the company’s goals and mission statement. In the year 2011, The Imagery Hotel is targeted to contribute sales revenue of INR 165 Million against a projection of INR 140 Million. The Imagery Hotel, has to further maintain its market leadership in the city by achieving the highest RevPAR Premium.

The marketing plan addresses following major attributes:
• Growing need to increase the high rated businesses
• Increasing the market share
• Segment wise in depth analysis to gain competitor’s business • Channel wise in depth analysis to gain competitor’s business • Laying down the processes to ensure the customer is satisfied

The Imagery hotel located in XYZ city offers breathtaking views of the sea perched on the shore of Bay of Bengal. Imagery hotel is a part of renowned hotel chain of India that has been a domestic market leader closely competing with 2 more major players. The brand recall among the travelers is high and customer perception is of high service standards at a high price.

Imagery is the first five star hotel to have appeared in the city in year 1991 followed by two additional competitors following similar price guidelines and similar room occupancy patterns.

Current Product Offerings
The Imagery hotel is a well known 95 rooms small high end hotelthat not only provides accommodation facilities to its guests but also a host of other services such as food and beverage (One Chinese Specialty restaurant, one coffee shop and one bar), spa, healthclub, pool, massage etc. 65% of the revenue share is contributed by the room division sales. All the rooms in the hotel have recently been refurbished and the technologies have been upgraded to ensure a better guest satisfaction on the product front.

The Physical Product – Ansoff’s product growth matrix in appendix 2 indicates the hotel to increase the market penetration. While considering the GE portfolio matrix (As appended in Appendix 2), we should hold our position by holding onto the current share and margins. In order to defend our share, following strategies can be applied: • Maintaining the customer value

• Maintaining the market communication
• Continuous product improvement
The Brand – The brand of The Imagery Hotel is well established and gives a high end luxury perception in the market. The parent chain of The Imagery Hotel uses House Branding strategy.

Business Market, trends and expected future
City XYZ, located on the eastern coast, is a tier 2 city of India. It is a major centre for IT support, Defense, Shipping, Logistics, Exports and heavy engineering industries with a large sea port. The city also serves as a major transit point for the smaller industrial locations and set ups around the area and is about to witness a flurry in hotel development with one additional 5 star hotel aiming to open by the 2nd quarter of 2011 and another two big hotel projects to be operational by mid of 2012.

Taking in account the past data, domestic feeder markets to the city are Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata. Internationally, Russia, Spain, Italy and China, are the major feeder markets. The...
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