Swot Analysis for Hotel an Example

Topics: Hotel, Motel, Siliguri Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Analysis of Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) And Revenue Projections
Hotel Orbit, Bagdogra

1. Locational advantage- Proximity to the Airport, Army and Air Force Base;

2. Huge Demand for rooms in Bagdora in the absence of any good hotels except Marina’s Motel in Bagdogra. Marina’s Motel has 24 rooms. Marina has ARR of more than Rs 2000 with an average occupancy of 70% plus.

3. Hotel Orbit in Siliguri is an established and strong brand.The commercial establishments and corporate in the Complex can create a captive demand for both rooms and F&B.

4. Separate entrance, ample parking gives individuality to the Hotel and can be an ideal location for large gatherings. A 10,000 sft landscaped garden will be the unique selling proposition (USP) of the Hotel. Part of the Garden to be converted to Dhaba style open air restaurant and marketed as a drive in destination with giant TV screens.

5. The room size (250-300 sft) is ideal for Individuals as well as Corporate. The 50-seater banquet gives added advantage to the property.

1. The property has 16 rooms only. No scope for further expansion in future. 2. Marina’s Motel is very well established brand with a very strong bakery and food section. The owners of marina’s Motel and Glenary’s in Darjeeling are same, which gives the Hotel a strong client base in Darjeeling area. 3. Will be largely dependant on airport –based tourists and Army customers.

1. The quality of rooms of the property and the amenities can be used to market the property to segments which goes to Siliguri town e.g. Airlines, visitors to the Army Hospital. 2. With the increase of flights from Bagdogra airport transit passengers can increase occupancy rates in the property. 3. The Marketing,HR, Purchase and Admin Departments already existing in the Siliguri property. Overhead cost can be kept low. 4. The 10,000 sft lawn can be used...
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