Safeguarding Adults

Topics: Public health, Childhood, Health care Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Safeguarding is not a new concept though definition remains contrived. There is no mutually agreed definition, this makes the subject emotive and difficult to encompass, rather perceives “safeguarding” as a umbrella term that encapsulates key themes including child protection, safe conduct, duty of care to act and collaborative working. This definition differs greatly from the Oxford Dictionary (2009 p324) definition “to protect (someone or something) from harm or destruction” This definition is rather vague, unclear and subjective, this presents further queries who has the final say on harm, is it the parent, the child or the Health Professional. Public policy with reference to safeguarding children is rapidly having been brought in to sharp focus with recent well publicised cases including Baby P and Victoria Climbie demanding a blame culture (Corby,2006) Said culture has propelled Health Professionals into acting and this is represented in the increase specialist safeguarding teams within local trust. This recommendation derived from the Laming review. This displays the direct consequence of policies and their impact on practice. The Children act (2004) refers to a child as anybody under 18. This definition is polar to Aries (1962) belief that this is social construct and this belief is somewhat supported at the time of publication by laws making little consideration of a offenders age, often seen as mini adults until they were physically self-dependent. Neglect is largely defined as an act of withholding a basic need such as food, warmth or clothing. Interestingly however there is a theme emerging that neglect may also be encapsulated with the excessive giving, such as food, this would appear to support the public health concern of obesity in children and further displays the changing trends of childhood neglect, from a solely withholding role, to that of excessive giving which may also have a equally detrimental effect
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