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  • Published : April 5, 2013
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Dawlat Alkhayyat
Webster University
Victor Rodriguez
The Population, Globalization, and Anti-Globalization Movement One of the most important arguments while mentioning environmental movements is population growth; some people specify the reason why now a day the population is facing a rapid growth is due to the increase of births, others say it’s happening due the increase of immigration around the world especially to the west. To be more specific, what we have to do is to have a deeper look at the situation. A growing population means growing greenhouse gas emissions. Which means, we should have some policies to encourage people to have smaller families because as Vi Ransel said “it’s much easier than retooling our economic system.” (V. Ransel April 23, 2011) The population of the world is growing rapidly as mentioned earlier, governments have to stop that because when there is higher population there is more manufacturing industries, and manufacturing industries often cause a great damage to the environment through the release of chemicals. Other issues can arise which doesn’t relate to the output waste produces, such as a large amount of water, electricity, and other energy resources that are being consumed more and more every year due to the rapid increase of the population. An example to show how fast the population is growing is the United States. As shown in the graph below, which shows the population growth of the united states.

When there is more population there is globalization. Globalization refers to the name of the process of increasing the connectivity and interaction of the world’s markets, individuals, and businesses. This process has risen up dramatically in the last few decades due to the technological inventions which make it easier for people to reach each others, to travel around the world, to...
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