Sabeer Bhatia: the Man Behind Hotmail

Topics: Hotmail, Dot-com bubble, Microsoft Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: April 13, 2011
SABEER BHATIA : ‘The man behind HoTMaiL’
(Sabeer / Sabeer Bhatia : India’s Computer Whiz)

In this era of Information technology it is almost dubbed as a heinous crime if any person is devoid of an email address. It seems that if you are not on the ‘Web’ than your very existence in this world dubious. Have we ever thought of the person whom we should be grateful to for this revolutionary innovation!! He is Sabeer Bhatia, an icon for the juvenile and aspiring software professionals. Family and Education

Born in Chandigarh on 30th December,1969, Sabeer grew up in Bangalore. His Father Baldev Bhatia was a Military officer in Indian Army and his mother Daman Bhatia, was a senior official at the Central Bank Of India. After an early education at Bishop’s Cotton School, Pune, he moved to St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore. For his bachelor’s degree, he went to Birla Institute of Technology (BITS), Pilani. In the year 1988, he got a scholarship from the California Institute of Technology and moved to the Caltech. Later, Sabeer earned his master’s degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. Sabeer as an apprentice and birth of HoTMaiL

During his graduation, he eventually got inspired by entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Scott Mc Nealy and decided to become one himself. Instead of pursuing a Ph.D. after his Masters, he decided to join Apple in 1991 as hardware engineer. After a brief career at Apple, he joined a startup company called ‘Firepower Systems Inc’, where he spent two years successfully. In 1994, Sabeer Bhatia started working on innovative ideas for the Internet and started a team in association with Jack Smith, a colleague from Apple Computer, Inc. Both came up with the concept of a web – based database entitled ‘Javasoft’. While pursuing this idea, they subsequently realized the potential of a web-based e-mail system and thus decided to create one called HoTMaiL (the uppercase letters spelling out...
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