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Summary -----::
Channai-based group is a maverick marketer that got its product and marketing mix just right the company success is reminiscent of Nirma’s in the west company having there great income from south side of country. Its ayurvedic soap medimix rose meteorically from Rs.65crore four years ago to Rs.225crore in 2003. The soaps are made manually , without the use of power even the bars are cut into cakes with hand-operated hydraulic cutters. However, the company plans to set up a state-of-the-art unit in Goa that that will make 1,000 cases per month and it plans to establish a supply chain to serve the northern market. Medimix is a story of a home-grown product. Everything-from idea to research to manufacture, packaging, distribution and marketing-was done by a family proprietary, the company managed to develop a brand on its own terms. It all started with Dr. V.P.S. Sidhan ,who focused on finding cures through ayurveda. So Medimix soap was born. Sidhan’s soap was made with 18 herbs in a coconut oil base in the back ard of his Chnnai Choolamedu house. In 1969 , Sidhan launched Medimix as total skin care ayurvedic soap with just Rs 500 as seed capital and a fraternity of chemists. Recently, the company increased its advertisement expenditure, both in urban andrural markets. In the urban markets, it is targeting youth by promoting its products on MTV and hoardings in strategic locating in all metro cities. It is playing the herbal game by positioning its products on the nature and health platform. Company want to increase its penetration of rural product.

Facts and figures ----::
i } Ayurvedic soap medimix rose meteorically from Rs.65crore four year ago to Rs.225crore in 2003. ii } Medimix got an ORG rating of nine among soap categories on a national basis with minimal advertisement iii } The group’s six plants make 1.5crore 75mg cakes of soap, and 30lakh cakes of 125gm which is very good and healthy income for company. iv } Medimix soap was born with 18 herbs in a coconut oil.

v } medimix launched ayurvedic soap with just Rs.500 as seed capital and a fraternity of chemists. vi } soap was priced at 85 paise at the time of launch and today sell for Rs. 9.50. vii } According to the July-September 2001 ORG figures of volume in tonnes of the top 25 brands of soap on a national basis. Medimix at 2625.3 tonnes is way above Mysore Sandal, Margo, Nirma, Jai, Cinthol Fresh, Pears, Lux International skin care, Liril and Dettol. In the south zone alone it is the sixth-highest seller with 1,873 tonnes.

History ----::

Cholayil is one of the most famous and respected Ayurvedic families of Kerala, which has been practicing Ayurveda, the ultimate holistic health care system for many generations. It was Dr.V.P.Sidhan, who successfully converted this traditional wisdom of the Cholayil family found in ancient palm leaf manuscripts with a combination of modern enrichment to give birth to a unique soap, Medimix that is the flagship brand of Cholayil. it happens to be the world’s largest selling ayurvedic soap. The ayurvedic variant is made from 18 different herbs. It is highly effective for skin problems and is available in 3 varieties - the classic Medimix, Medimix with Glycerine and Medimix with Sandal. The Cholayil logo derives its origins from the lotus form, the quintessential padma, in full bloom, rising from the waters of life. The lotus symbolizes purity and the attainment of wholeness. It is identified with the epitome of creation, the womb. One of the richest and the most evocative of Buddhist symbols, the lotus also signifies the emergence of purity from the primeval waters of creation. Cholayil creates products that are of the purest form, binding the native elements into the most...
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