Running Shoes Fit Matters Most

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Running Shoes: Fit Matters Most

Compare and Contrast Essay

Quan Solomon

ENG 121 English Composition I

Instructor: Annemarie Hamlin

April 4, 2011

Running Shoes: Fit Matters Most

Overall, the best information on running shoes comes from fitness magazines. Runner’s World, in particular, offers insightful reviews on running shoes. Many consider its quarterly review the gold standard. However, there are a number of new websites that are producing reviews on the different types of running shoes available. Running and Running News, both offer insightful information and are worth reading. There are many different websites that can be useful in choosing the right shoe for you.

Many running shoes can be graded by how well they perform regardless of the person wearing them. A running shoe is graded by how it does its job relative to the foot of the person wearing it, so choosing a great running shoe for the wrong type of foot can result in injury (Consumer Search, Inc., 2010). Running shoes are available in several forms:

• Stability. For those with normal arches who tend to have mild or moderate overpronation (the foot rolls inward when you run).

• Motion Control. Shoe that is designed for runners with low arches who tend to overpronate more than those with normal arches.

• Neutral Cushioning. Shoe that is meant for runners with high arches who usually do not overpronate excessively but their feet tend to absorb less impact (Consumer Search, Inc., 2010).

Since it is impossible to choose the best shoe for every foot, a visit to a professional running store is always the best option. With so many options to choose from, the two types of running shoes that received the greatest reviews are The Brooks Adrenaline Running Shoe and the Nike Zoom Equalon. The Brooks Adrenaline Shoe has been long considered one of the top picks in the stability category. This shoe is good for runners who need stability to...
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