Running and Peace

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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Let Us Give Peace a Chance
In just a numbers of hours, thousands of brutalities, ferocity and violence quickly disperse around the world. And because of this alarming incident, many creative minds come up of the different ideas on how to foster peace in this world. Even the children have their own concepts on promoting peace on earth even though in their own little way. As well as the youth which use their strength and aptitude in helping in the dissemination of harmony in every country. And also the adults, who continuously teaching, guiding and facilitating their children to be a catalyst of peace.

As we can observed in the clippings, in whatever corners of this world peace is always needed, that is why people form every area are making their own moves in order to maintain peace and harmony. Just like in sports, no sports player can win the game if there is no peace in his self and no events will be form if the committees has no understanding and the only thing that there is, is violence. And that is the reason behind in conducting the Peace and Sport Awards in 2010. While every October 24 of the year, people from many nations celebrated the United Nation day, to celebrate the unity of many countries, including the Philippines. And there are also numerous activities has been conducted to supports the peace between every person and one of them was the World Harmony Run, where members of the society run for a long distance not just for promoting harmonious relationship between your friends but also for building harmonious relationship to the other member of the society. And another activity was the dancing cultural presentation and poster making contest that promotes peace and harmony among the members of the group and to all of the competitors and one of the hem was dancing flower for the peace. They use all of their creativity, ideas, ability and materials to encourage people around them to give peace a chance in their lives, work and their selves....
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