Ruined Maid

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Rhyme scheme Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: October 17, 2011
The Ruined Maid
Summary: In this poem the speaker recgonizes an olf frind named Melia who is now a wealthy woman and has turned very beautiful. However, Melia declares that she is ruined now, but the speaker still has an ultimate desire to be just like Melia. The speaker then talks about if this is ruined then I wish to be a ruined woman. Melia then proclaims how the speaker does not have what it takes to be ruined. Speaker: The speaker of the poem is an old maid who is in awe over Melia. Main Idea: The main idea is that sometimes the things that you think are the best in the world are truly not what your heart desires. Poetic Devices

1. Irony the irony in the passage is present when Melia calls herself ruined yet the speaker sees her as a success and looks up to her 2. Imagery is present throughout the poem in the description of Melia’s grand characteristics she has inherited since she has become ruined. This helps bring the image of Melia alive to the reader. 3. Rhyme Scheme Hardy uses the rhyme scheme AABB to create a lyrical feeling to the poem giving it a rhythm. 4. Alliteration Hardy uses alliteration to help emphasize the changes Melia has made as a person which includes changes in speech and in outward appearance. 5. Symbolism there is symbolism in the passage because when the author describes Melia as ruined, Melia is not truly ruined she just is ruined as person and as a woman. Structure: There are 6 stanzas and Hardy uses an AABB rhyme scheme for the poem Speaker’s Attitude: The speaker shares a curious attitude toward the subject of the poem. The speaker discusses Melia as if Melia represents a role model, a person she aspires to be. Connection to Hardy’s Life: This poem connects to Hardy’s life because the era he lived in many of the women were subject to “ruin”. Themselves as women this includes having sex out of wedlock, to only receive riches and materialistic things. Connection to Universal Theme: This poem connects to the...
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