Critical Thinking and Level Comprehension Application

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  • Published : May 27, 2013
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For My Old Amah
Content / Theme/ Topic / Genre

Objectives Knowledge a. Identify subject of poems b. Understand point of view c. Communicate an informal personal response to poems d. Identify poetic devices and its effects in poems

No. of Items According to Knowledge Level Comprehension Application Analysis Synthesis 2 (4 minutes) 1 (3 minutes)

Total no. of Item Evaluation 10 (40 minutes)


3 (16 minutes)

4 (17 minutes )

Comprehension (Objectives a. & b.)
1. What is the poem mainly about? (a.) A. The old Amah’s poor lifestyle. B. The persona’s expression of sadness for the old Amah. C. The old Amah who did not have anyone to take care of her in old age. D. The persona’s regret for not taking care of the old Amah. 2. Based on the poem, how does the persona feel about the old Amah’s situation? (b.)

3. What is the relationship between the persona and the old Amah? (a.)

Evaluation (c.)
1. How would you improve your living condition if you were the old Amah?

2. Should a family be responsible for taking care of their domestic helpers/ maids/ housekeepers even until old age?

3. In your opinion, should employers maintain a professional distance with a maid?

Analysis (d.)
1. List out 2 examples of the use of symbols in the poem.

2. Does the Old Amah have any family to take care of her? Provide evidence from the poem to support your answer.

3. Match the words with the correct meaning: 1. Trestle A. a rough prickly shrub or vine. 2. Spittoon B. a braced frame serving as a support. 3. Brambles C. pull or twist (someone or something) suddenly and violently. 4. Cubicle D. a bowl-shaped, usually metal vessel, often with a funnel-shaped cover, into which tobacco chewers periodically spit. 5. Wrenched E. a small partitioned space; especially: one with a desk used for work in a business office.

4. The overall tone of the poem is “helplessness”. How does the persona express this tone? Use evidence from the poem to support your answer.

Marking Scheme
1. B (1 mark)

2. Answer keywords: sad/ upset/ tragic/ sympathy/ helpless. Similar answers can be considered. (2 marks)

3. Answer: The persona was taken care of by the old Amah in the past. He was most probably a child then while the old Amah was the housekeeper/ maid/ nanny at home. (2 marks)

1. Answer: should display logical, critical thinking; it should make sense while considering factors such as her age, financial background etc. (2 marks)

2. Answer: should display logical, critical thinking from a moral standpoint; it should make sense while considering factors such as her age, financial/ family background etc. (2 marks)

3. Answer: should display logical, critical thinking; it should make sense while considering factors such as her age, employeremployee relationship norms, background etc. (2 marks)


1. Answer: Flame caught among the final brambles of your pain, the moth fluttering against the electric bulb. (2 marks) 2. Answer: No. Elaboration should include the phrase: “the walls the old photographs, do not know your going”. (2 marks)

3. (2 marks)

4. Answer: Ex. He is unable to help ease the Amah’s discomfort and that he cannot express his gratitude for her. (3 marks) Supporting evidence: To most your dying seems distant outside the railings of our concern; ...face bears the waste of terror at the crumbling of your body's walls; Your palms crushed the child's tears from my face; Now this room will become your going; brutal in the discarded combs...

Neighbours by Robert Raymer

Content / Theme/ Topic / Genre Short Story (Neighbou rs)

Objectives Knowledge a. Identify and interpret themes and messages in the text b. Analyze and understand plot in the text c. Describe characters and interpret their interactions and relationships with one another d. Identify and interpret literary devices in the text

No. of Items According to Knowledge Level Comprehension...