Royal Greenland Analysis

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Methodology section

My report will be based on the top part of marketing process. The first thing I am going to find out about company’s mission and vision to get a better overview of the overall purpose of an organisation, in our case Royal Greenland company. After that, I am going to continue with the biggest and the most important part of my report- analysis section. Firstly I will do analysis of the company’s internal factors using M. Porters tool value chain. Onwards, I am going to figure out in which market- B2C, B2B or B2G is our company belongs to in a demand analysis. My third point will be analysis of competition where I will apply Porters 5 forces to clarify the level of competition in a given sector. Further on in analysis of distribution I will use supply chain. Thereafter my last analysis will be PEST model, which stands for P- political, E- economy, S- social and T-technological factors. After all analysis are made, I can sum up the internal and external analysis with SWOT. After figuring out strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats I can make conclusions based on my findings.

Analysis section
Mission and vision
Royal Greenland is company which produce process and distribute seafood products. Royal Greenland’s vision is to be an internationally recognized, trend-setting, and preferred supplier of seafood products. Company’s mission state that Royal Greenland must be a profitable international company whose earnings create possibilities for renewal and growth to the benefit of its owners, staff and the societies in which it operates. Based on these statements Royal Greenland has set goal a clear to be on the top of the seafood market. Analysis of company’s internal factors

One of the most used models in analysing company internally is model developed by M. Porter and is named value chain. The main idea is that value chain creates value and by that brings profit to the company. The activities can be divided into two groups: primary and support ones. About all the activities I will talk more widely further on. Inbound logistics

The main raw material for the company is seafood. Royal Greenland raw materials are supplied both by their fishing fleet in Greenland and sourced from the global seafood market. Raw material situation in Greenland is quite uncertain because of the increased competition in halibut and prawns as a result- increased price on some of the raw materials. Operations

I will now describe the primary activities of operations (also mentioned as production) of Royal Greenland Company. It has great production facilities which include a number of trawlers and smaller fishing boats which supply seafood from the Arctic sea. Company has 7 factories and 9 processing facilities which are based in in Poland, Denmark, Germany, Canada and Greenland. Each production type is specialized in various tasks in order to add value at other locations. Outbound logistics

As we are dealing with the frozen goods, it is very important to keep temperature at the constant plank when transporting or storing goods. That’s why Royal Greenland has responsible approach to it. Company has its own Quality Control team which check all the way from production through storage to the customer. Marketing and sales

As a part of marketing promotion Royal Greenland has a policy of sponsoring activities. Most of them take place in Greenland but some sponsorship is given to activities outside Greenland. Usually sponsorships have a close relation to Greenland or seafood industry. A good way to promote the company for a low cost- to create a profile in the biggest social networks such as,, etc. Royal Greenland present in Facebook and YouTube as well. The numbers of followers are too small to take this kind of promotion seriously, but something is better than nothing. Service

Royal Greenland is a big company but it still concerned about every single claim. Even though company has...
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