Rowlandson and Bradford

Topics: Faith, Religion, Plymouth Colony Pages: 1 (274 words) Published: February 21, 2011
All throughout their lives, Mary and William were faced with difficult hardships that tested their faith in their Puritan beliefs. They each found a way to overcome their hardships by finding peace and understanding through their religion. A hardship that Mary Rowlandson had to face was when she and her children were both kidnapped from their home by the Wampanoag tribe. As a prisoner, she had to deal with starvation and feared for her life. She maintained strong in her faith and tried to find a reason as to why God had done this to her and tried to see if He was still there with her. She knew that God must have still been with her, for He provided her with food and shelter even though it was the worst circumstance. As a traveler aboard the Mayflower, William Bradford was seeking religious freedom and sought someplace where he could practice his religion in peace. On the way over to the New World, his wife passed away. This was a major hardship for Bradford. He found strength in his faith because if he hadn't stayed strong through his beliefs he would have lost control of himself. Death is something that is very tough to cope with and Bradford knew that seeking help in God to cope with his wife's death was the best way for him to stay strong. As many know, Rowlandson and Bradford were both Purist's who faced the worst of hardships. Although these things happened to them they stayed strong in their faith and found a way to make it through everything with God by their side.
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