William Bradford

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  • Published : February 22, 2013
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1.Why did Bradford leave England, eventually coming to America? 2.Why did Bradford leave England, eventually coming to America Engage your background knowledge: Hundreds of years later, immigrants still come to America. How do Bradford's reasons compare to those of modern immigrants? Remember, not all immigrants come here for the same reason. 3.Did you know before reading this article that many of the immigrants and explorers were young - under 25 years old? Some were even teenagers. How old was Bradford when he left England? How old was he when he arrived in America? What does that say about his character? Answers

1.In 1607 Bradford and about 120 others were attacked as nonconformists to the Church of England. They withdrew to Holland, under the religious leadership of John Robinson and William Brewster, living for a year at Amsterdam and then in Leiden, where they stayed nearly 12 years. 2.In modern days the immigrants that come to America come and try and take our jobs. Also because a lot of immigrants come her and smuggle in drugs and start wars for the police and leave it to the cops to deal with which cause crime rate to go up. Bradford’s reason are different because he was in a place that was under attack and he was running away to try and survive. 3.When Bradford was eighteen, he left England. Bradford was 23 when he had come to America. This says that William Bradford’s character was young and he didn’t really have much of an option stay and take the chance of being killed or seek a new beginning which he did.

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