Rote Technique and Mnemonic Device

Topics: Memory, Psychology, Rote learning Pages: 2 (293 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Rote Technique Vs Mnemonic Devices: Learning Tools in Enhancing the Memory Retention among Grade 6 Pupils of Arellano University
P-jay Lowelyn A. Bauno, Dempsey F. Moreno, Jerome Tan
University of the East – 2219 C.M. Recto Ave. Manila, Philippines


Rote technique is a strategy in cognitive learning that uses elaborative rehearsal for memory retention. This technique was used commonly by teachers and students especially in memorizing and remembering concepts and information. Rote techniqu e practices learning by repetition by which the students remember information to memory in a highly structured way. Mnemonic devices use other means in translating information to our mind to retain better and transfer it to our long term memory. The main point id to know the effects of such learning techniques to the enhancement of memory retention of grade school students, whether which among the two learning tools would best fit the students need, or whether these two works together in helping students in comprehending knowledge and accumulating these in their minds and helping them make the best out of their studies.

Keywords: Rote Technique, Mnemonic Devices and Memory Retention Objective: To determine the effect of the two learning tools in the memory retention of grade 6 pupils.
Method: The present study measured the difference between the effects of rote technique and mnemonic devices in the memory retention of grade 6 pupils . Results: The result indicates that the participants have better memory retention using Mnemonic Devices than Rote technique.

Conclusion: The findings suggest that Rote Technique and Mnemonic Devices affects in the retention process of information of the students and such learning tools re ally aids to the enhancement of their memory.

University of the East – Manila, Department of Behavioral Scie nces │ Bauno, Moreno, Tan (2012)

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