Ap Psych Ch 7&8

Topics: Memory, Memory processes, Semantic memory Pages: 15 (2700 words) Published: January 16, 2013
|What is memory? |The persistence of learning over time through the storage and retrieval | | |of information. | |How many steps to the basic memory process are there? What are they? |3; encoding,storage, retrieval | |What is encoding? |Changing physical stimuli into a form that the memory system can use | |What is storage? |Maintaining memories | |What is retrieval? |Locating specific information and bringing it into consciousness | |What are the 3 types of encoding? |Acoustic,visual,semantic (encoding is how info is put into the brain) | |What are the 3 types of storage? |Episodic, procedural,semantic (also the types of memories) | |What are the types of retrieval? |Recall,recognition | |What is acoustic encoding? |Mental representation of information as a sequence of sounds | |*What is visual encoding? |Mental representation of information as images | |What is semantic encoding? |Mental representation of experiences by its general meaning | |What are episodic memories? |Memory of an event that happened when one was present | |What are procedural memories? |A type of information containing information about how to do things | |What are semantic memories? |A type of memory containing general knowledge of the world | |What is recall? |You must retrieve the information from your memory | |What is recognition? |You must identify the target for possible targets | |What are the 2 memory categories? |Explicit and implicit | |What is explicit memory? |Deliberately recalled | |What is implicit memory? |Unintentional influence of prior experiences | |What are the 4 models of memory? |Levels of processing,transfer appropriate processing, parallel | | |distributed processing, and information processing | |*What is levels of processing? |(the depth of the memory) a model of memory stating that how well | | |something is remembered depends on the degree to which incoming | | |information is mentally processed | |What is maintenance rehearsal? |Repeating information over and over to keep it active in short term | | |memory (not quite as...
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