Ronald Mcdonald House Charities

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Ronald McDonald House Charities Vision
The Ronald McDonald House Charities are becoming just as recognizable as the Golden Arches of McDonalds. Over the past thirty-five years, this organization has changed the vision of what healthcare really means. They believe strongly that if you are able to change a child’s life – “you not only change the child but also you change the family’s, which can change a community, and ultimately change the world.” Ronald McDonald House Charities is located in over fifty countries spanning the globe and provides over 7,200 bedrooms to children with serious illnesses. According to Worth magazine, Ronald McDonald House Charities was named one of America’s top 100 charities in both 2001 and 2002. (Worth Magizine. Findarticles.) They don’t need the recognition from magazines and publishers; they prefer feedback from their customers. It all started in 1974, what began as one family's misfortune became good fortune for millions of families worldwide. Kim Hill was diagnosed with leukemia. She was the 3 year old daughter of NFL defensive-end Fredl Hill. During Kim's three years of treatment, Fred and his wife Fran often camped out on hospital chairs and benches and ate makeshift meals out of vending machines. ( The Hills watched other parents around them doing the same thing. They learned that many of the families had traveled great distances to bring their children to the medical facility, but couldn't afford hotel rooms. The Hills began to think that there had to be a solution. Fred gained the support of his Eagles teammates to raise funds and help other families experiencing the same emotional and financial traumas as his own. Its hard to picture NFL athletes struggling for cash or hotel rooms, but after three years of expensive medical bills, it can become draining for anyone. Through countless sleepless nights and a “football family” getting behind a family, Fred was able to help launch the first Ronald McDonald House in...
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