Houston Food Bank

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General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of the workings of the Houston Food Bank and the concepts discussed during the course which were demonstrated through our volunteer experience. Organizational Pattern: Topical

Thesis Statement: The Houston Food Bank uses the efforts of volunteers as well as donations to support the reduction of hunger in the community.

When the topic of people going hungry is presented, it is not far-fetched to think that these people are homeless. In actuality, 94% of hungry people have a roof over their heads. (Transition) This is where the Houston Food Bank steps in.

1. The Houston Food Bank’s mission has been to lead the fight against hunger since 1982. * The Houston food bank is a non- profit organization that seeks food donations and distributes them at local charitable programs. * 95 cents of every dollar is used to feed the hungry.

* The organization is a certified member of Feeding America. VERBAL FOOTOTE
2. During our volunteer efforts, there were a few communication concepts that were identified including: * Schemas
* Empathetic Listening
* Group Task Roles
Today, we would like to inform you about the communication concepts recognized during our volunteer experience. (Transition) Let’s begin with our actual volunteering experience and how we were able to help the Houston Food Bank. BODY

Each member of the group was able to volunteer at least 2 hours at the Houston Food Bank. We had two tasks to accomplish: 1) Sorting donated food in order to be distributed to different charitable programs and local food pantries. * On-site storeroom housed tons of food donated by individuals and organizational groups. * A food inventory list was provided for each destination’s ‘care package’ to be created.

2) Putting together packages to be mailed to previous donators seeking additional contributions including: * Volunteer hours
* Cash donation
* Food donation
(Transition) It was effortless to help the food bank because of the passion each of us has towards volunteer work and what this opportunity meant to us individually. Narkeeta: I am a member of the Nu Sigma Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, a community service organization. Service being the foundation of what we stand for naturally sparked my interest to volunteer not only for the assignment but for personal achievement purposes. Naveela: Volunteering at the food bank in expanded me to have a better understanding of how much people need this service. The issue of hunger doesn’t directly impact me but I see now how many others it does. Lisa: I live in a low-income inner city neighborhood. For years I have been witness to people struggling to feed their families healthy and adequate meals. Helping the Houston Food Bank was a very rewarding experience for me because I know that my work is directly helping those in need (Transition) The initiative we took to help those suffering from hunger helped us to demonstrate and identify concepts that have been discussed throughout the course. This helped to comprehend the information on these concepts more easily because of the real-life model. 1) As stated by O’Hair in the text, schemas are mental structures that put together related bits of information. VERBAL FOOTNOTE A) With past experiences and encounters, schemas help anticipate something’s outcome or what will happen next. B) It is possible for schemas to cloud judgment and cause you to rely heavily on stereotypes. * I can say that I am guilty of visualizing an establishment that was bland to the eyes and would possibly have a line of homeless people entering and exiting the building. In fact, this is one of the more embellished and inviting buildings that I have visited with people who look like me and you seeking help. Being that I have never visited a food bank, this judgment was formed by what...
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