Romeo and Juliette Creative Play Review

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Romeo Montague, Characters in Romeo and Juliet Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: January 10, 2013
Romeo and Juliet
Stage Adaption Personal Response
Saxon Redford
Evangeline Green
Saxon: “Hey what’s up? You saw the play right?”
Eva: “No Saxon I didn’t, I was just sitting there with my eyes closed the whole time. What do you think?” Saxon: “Hey chill! I was just asking! Well then, what did you think about it?” Eva: “I obviously loved it! Everyone played their parts so perfectly! Mercutio was even more hilarious in the play then in the book! I love how they made Juliet act more like an actual thirteen year old, they made her a little less mature then from the script. And toning down Romeo’s dramatic nature seriously made them seem better for each other. I adore them together…” Saxon: “You liked it that much? They took off some of the bawdy humor though, and even some of the scenes.” Eva: “Of course you noticed the missing of bawdy humor Sax! That’s just like you! They had to take some scenes off, or else it would be to long! They made the play more romantic this way. ” Saxon: “Oh please as if nobody else noticed, I’m just glad they kept in the part where the Nurse goes to ask Romeo of his answer, man Mercutio is my idol! A sail! A sail! ” Eva: “You’re horrible! That was the worse impression of Mercutio I’ve ever heard.” Saxon: “Are you seriously saying that you didn’t find that part funny? They made it just like the script.” Eva: “Well yeah it was pretty funny, but it was only because of the way the actors played it. Of course along with poor nurse’s response to it was hilarious. If the actors couldn’t act well then it wouldn’t have been half as funny.” Saxon: “Fine I’ll give you that one; if the actors weren’t able to pull it off the whole play would have seriously sucked. I mean, imagine if they got this skinny blond twig as the nurse instead? Man would have been a fail right there.” Eva: “Yup they chose the actors awesomely too! Did you see Romeo? Exactly as I imagined it, well a older version of what I imagined anyway. I still...
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