Romeo and Juliet Is a Play About Love. Discuss.

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Prompt: ‘‘Romeo and Juliet’ is a play about love. Discuss. ‘ Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written during the Elizabethan era of England. Set in Verona during the late 1500’s, the play tells the story of two young lovers who die five days after their first encounter. It is a play about the different types of loves and how true love can be dangerous. The relationship shared between the two protagonists who become deeply attracted to become a hazard not just to themselves, but to the people around them. Furthermore Juliet also shares a somewhat mother-daughter love with her Nurse which is broken because of her love for Romeo. Finally, an unreturned love is explored by Shakespeare using Paris and his death for the woman that didn’t love him back. Romeo and Juliet’s romantic interest in each other is so powerful that it causes their own death. Coming from two families who have strong dislikes for each other, their relationship is destined to fall apart, yet they continue to love a “loathed enemy”. After having met Romeo only a few hours before, Juliet proclaims that she “would no longer be a Capulet” for his sake. Through doing this, Shakespeare highlights the idea that love can be blinding. Romeo, who had previously been in a melancholic state due to the rejection of his previous love in which he had compared to the moon, described Juliet as the “sun” that would “kill the envious moon”. His love for Juliet had killed the feelings that he had for Rosaline, causing the audience to question the authenticity of his feelings and whether he’s just a womanizer. Ultimately, both characters kill themselves for the loss of their loved one proving that in the end, their lust for each other had become true love. The forbidden nature of their relationship caused them both to not just fall in love, but become obsessed with one another. The nurse could be described as a mother figure to Juliet. Unlike Lady Capulet, Juliet’s real mother, the nurse is there for...
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